All wildlife photos are taken by Dixons Zodiac Seafari

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Whale Watching

Just two minutes off the Cabot Trail, nestled in the northeast corner of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, lies the quaint fishing village of Neil's Harbour. Let the lighthouse guide you to Dixons Zodiac Seafari. Prepare to have a smooth, exhilarating ride aboard the "733 Hurricane", the same type of vessel used by the Canadian Coast Guard. This is where your Cape Breton coastal whale watch and marine life tour will begin.

You will embark on a two hour journey where you may experience close encounters with our most 4 common whales which are Finwhales , pilot whales , minke whales and the magestic humpback . Other whales that we see are the blue whale , killer whale , northern atlantic right whale and the sei whale. We also see dolphins, mola mola ( aka sunfish ) seals and a variety of sea birds . In the past number of years the infamous great white has entered in our sightings . 

So come join us to explore the beautiful Cape Breton Coastline from the ocean and enjoy the marine life that flourishes here. It's a Nova Scotia adventure you will never forget.

Look For The Lighthouse To Guide You.

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